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ImToken 2 0 International Review

Founded by Ben He in 2016, imToken has become one of the largest Ethereum wallets in the world. In February, imToken announced that they had over one million unique users. They also reported that over 4.5 million monthly active users were logged in,Imtoken official website download install Apple , which puts them ahead of Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, and Ledger Nano.

ImToken is based in Hangzhou, China and is a decentralized digital asset wallet that allows users to manage assets on 20+ different mainstream chains. With the release of imToken 2.0, the company will introduce several new features that will provide a more secure and flexible environment for users. These new features include a DApp browser, an instant exchange, and a multi-chain wallet.

The platform has partnered with Silence Laboratories, a cryptographic technology company that specializes in secure asset management and multi-factor authentication. imToken has recently completed a $10 million Series A funding round from IDG Capital. Their goal is to build an integrated decentralized ecosystem and create an innovative token platform that enables users to store, trade, and earn with a wide range of digital assets.

Currently, imToken offers a secure, user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet, which can be used to manage ERC20-compatible tokens on ETH and BTC. Users can also send and receive tokens through offline signature transactions, which ensure the safety of their assets. It supports over 30,000 tokens, and it offers a wide variety of functionalities.

Another major feature is the DApp browser, which provides access to multiple DApps without having to sign into each app individually. The DApp browser is supported by some of the most popular DApps, and it can be used to make payments through a token of your choice. You can also use the Orion Swap Widget to get global access to these DApps. Tokenlon DEX, which is an in-app decentralized exchange, is the latest addition to the imToken ecosystem. This is an advanced trading interface that provides market orders directly from the order book, enabling trading capabilities similar to those of traditional exchanges.

ImToken is a member of the Web3.0 Innovation Alliance, which was announced at Alibaba Cloud Day Singapore. The alliance aims to bring together the talents of imToken, Alibaba Cloud, and ChainUp to benefit the public by incubating more innovations related to Web3.0 technologies.

The company has expanded its business in Asia, establishing an office in Singapore in June. It has also partnered with Kyber Network and 0x. Having a large market base in China and Southeast Asia, it plans to expand in the United States in the near future.

Polygon, the NFT-centric gaming hub,Imtoken how to use private key login , has adopted the imToken token to facilitate seamless integration of the blockchain with its games. The platform has also launched Polygon Studios, which is a dedicated development studio to help create games that leverage the power of the imToken platform. The studio's team of developers includes a legendary gaming studio, Atari.

ImToken recently launched a venture capital fund to support DApp development. The venture, called imToken Venture, invests in teams with strong technical backgrounds and comprehensive support to help them build their DApps.