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Some Fees and Features of the ImToken Wallet

Transaction fees as low as 0.1%

The imToken Wallet is a powerful and secure wallet that allows you to switch between networks, exchange crypto assets and save private keys. The fee is a fraction of what most other wallets charge and is as low as 0.1% per transaction. It also has a number of great features, including offline signature security, cold storage and a built-in exchange. However, it does not have a desktop version, has limited secondary security features, and communicates poorly in English.

The imToken Wallet supports both ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, and is available on Android and IOS. Its interface is user-friendly and offers many features, including exchange widgets and token swaps. It also uses Hierarchical Deterministic cryptography, which prevents account tracking attacks. Another great feature is its support for over 500 different crypto and decentralized applications. Lastly, ImToken supports both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Support for Proof-of-Stake blockchains

ImToken Wallet is an e-wallet for blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. The wallet has support for a large number of Proof-of-Stake blockchains, including Tezos, Cosmos Staking, Kusama, and Polkadot. This wallet also includes a DApp wallet, which allows users to easily add and use DApps. Simply type in the name of the DApp or its URL, and imToken will automatically provide suggestions.

To set up your imToken wallet account, first download the imToken app from Google Play or Apple's App Store. Once the application has installed, read the terms and conditions and select 'Confirm'. Then, follow the instructions to set up your imToken wallet.

Support for Bluetooth hardware wallets

As a Bitcoin enthusiast, you may want to know whether the imToken wallet supports Bluetooth hardware wallets. Currently, only the imKey is compatible with this wallet. Despite this, it is a well-designed wallet that supports pairing with bluetooth hardware wallets. While imToken is closed-source, the company's management seems genuinely invested in continued development and new business models. This wallet offers a smooth and polished user interface that is perfect for any bitcoin enthusiast.

The imKey device is a Bluetooth hardware wallet that pairs with the imToken wallet through Bluetooth. This Bluetooth connection makes it possible to manage your data even when you're offline. You can import your private key directly from an imKey device, or you can create your own hardware wallet using the imToken wallet.

Support for layer 2 networks

Layer 2 networks are becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency world, and imToken has made sure that its wallet is compatible with them. It has added support for EIP3085, which allows users to easily add information about their own custom network. This is important for anyone wanting to participate in the growing Layer 2 ecosystem.

As of today, imToken supports twelve of the most popular layer 2 networks, including EOS,Fake Imtoken download software , TRON, Cosmos crypto, and Nervos. This means users can move their assets between Layer 2 networks effortlessly.

Offline signature security with cold storage

ImToken is a Singapore-based company that specializes in developing blockchain wallets. It received $10 million in Series A funding last year and is now available for use on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. The wallet has built-in security measures, a real-time decentralized exchange, and Bluetooth hardware wallet support. Its revolutionary offline signature transaction features were introduced in 2017 and have set the foundation for a secure way to manage digital assets. The wallet has more than a million users and recently completed its Series A funding round.

Users can keep more than 300 cryptocurrencies in ImToken Wallet,Imtoken wallet how to withdraw coins To Huobi , with the sensitive information stored locally. Moreover, this wallet has an innovative feature called Atomic Swap that can help protect sensitive information.