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【Imtoken over the wall download】Imtoken Wallet Scams: An Update

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Imtoken Wallet Scams - An Update

In an ongoing scam that is spreading through the dating app Tinder, fake Asian women are asking men to transfer money to their wallets. The scammers pose as a woman and start a conversation about a new crypto asset. They often say that the girl's uncle is rich, and then ask men to send money to him. Unfortunately, the victims lose their money. This scam has been reported by hundreds of Tinder users.

Imtoken TRX wallet

The high number of Imtoken TRX wallet scams makes it important to be vigilant. Scammers can gain access to personal information by contacting users through illegal means and tricking them into lending money. In addition, they can also steal mnemonics and trick users into downloading fake imTokens. These scammers can also change the owner's permissions,Imtoken Apple version download official website how , allowing them to take over their account. As a result, victims lose control of their accounts and are unable to transfer any assets.


Imtoken Wallet scams are not new. According to cybersecurity firm ESET, a malware program masquerading as the popular bitcoin wallet has infected countless Android and iOS devices. These fake apps are designed to steal personal details such as user name and password and then transfer funds from victims' accounts.


As the blockchain ecosystem grows, scammers are finding new ways to exploit the digital assets it houses. Many scams use mnemonics to trick users into lending money or downloading fake imToken. Some scams also change the permissions of the account owner. This leaves the victim with no control over their account.

Trust Wallet

Scammers have found ways to exploit imToken Wallet users' trust. The scammers trick users into giving them money, stealing their mnemonics, and transferring fake imToken. They then change the owner permission and make it impossible for the victims to control their accounts. Scammers also manipulate the process by asking victims to transfer more assets.


While imToken Wallet scams are not illegal, they are damaging to users. These scams enable the user to use the wallet without losing their funds, and they include a hidden fee that can be as much as 200$. This fee will only become apparent when the user tries to withdraw their crypto from the wallet.

Arbitrage scams

There have been two major cases of arbitrage scams on Imtoken Wallet. Both involved fake Huobi group members who encouraged users to invest in a fake Huobi platform coin. The scammers then promised to provide them with a 1:105 aircoin exchange ratio. The scams target Chinese investors and are most common in Telegram, a popular social networking platform for Chinese crypto traders. In both cases, victims were cheated out of more than eight hundred dollars.

Tinder scam

Scammers are targeting people who hold imTokens. Whether through dating apps or online, these scammers are trying to scam you out of your crypto assets. Often, they use mnemonics to trick you into lending them money or downloading fake imTokens. If you ever fall for one of these scams, you need to be extra careful and don't divulge your private keys.