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【Apple X how to download Imtoken】Imtoken: A Scam or Really Self-Custodial?

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Is ImToken A Scam Or Really Self-Custodial?

If you are thinking of using imToken, here are some things you should know before you invest. Before signing up, make sure you know how to back up your wallet. You can back it up on paper, in a secret box, or in an imKey mnemonic. Once you have backed up your wallet, crosscheck it to make sure you have the right mnemonic to access your imToken assets.

Imtoken scams

The imToken scam is an attempt to rob people of their money by tricking them into depositing more money into their account. The scammers use fake websites and impersonation methods to get people's personal information. This way, they can get hold of their funds and assets.

These scammers have an infinite number of excuses for not processing withdrawals. They entice their victims into making large deposits and then wait weeks or months for them to see any returns. During this time, they will continue to milk the victim for all their money.


Imtoken is an exchange that promises to be "decentralized" but is actually not decentralized at all. It is a centralized OTC desk masquerading as a decentralized exchange. This platform knowingly takes custody of illicit funds and performs transactions on behalf of customers, while paying them out immediately. However, the platform's underlying business model isn't decentralized, and is based on centralized technology, not blockchain.

The imToken scam relies on you providing authorization to a malicious third party to transfer your assets. This allows scammers to steal your assets without your knowledge or your password. If your imToken wallet is compromised, you'll need to transfer your remaining tokens to a secure wallet or exchange account immediately. The scammer's methods may vary, but the process is very similar: they will airdrop tokens to an e-mail address, which contains fake content. This will lure you to a website where they will use your fraudulent authorization to steal your assets.


When you make large deposits on an imToken wallet, you're at risk of being scammed. If you're not careful, the scammers can get your money and then use it to entice you to deposit even more. The scammers have an endless supply of excuses for why they can't repay you. For example,Imtoken2.0 official version , they can't deduct "profits" from "taxes" if you pay them in cryptocurrency. Also, they can't deduct "service" or "lending" fees from their "profits".

Unlike other self-custodial wallets, imToken has no centralized storage facility. It stores your private key and mnemonic in your own imToken wallet. This means that you're responsible for any losses on your imToken wallet. This is a big concern because without your mnemonic,Imtoken wallet download , you won't be able to retrieve your digital assets.


Those who invest in MetaX and Imtoken are not immune from being scammed. The scammers use various tactics to trick their victims. They may ask for their personal information, steal their mnemonics, and download fake imToken. Once the scammers have their information, they may alter the permissions on their accounts, leaving their users with no control over their funds. The scammers also try to convince their victims to transfer more of their assets.

The imToken security team has compiled a list of common scams to avoid. In particular, they warn imToken users against imToken airdrops, which are essentially a form of a scam. In addition to this, imToken users should watch out for scam artists who create sophisticated fake imToken wallet applications, which steal their private keys.


The imToken website claims to be a self-custodial wallet. This means that you, not the imToken company, hold the private key and mnemonic. Because your assets are at risk if they are lost, you should be careful to back up your imToken assets. This can be done through a mnemonic or a paper backup of your wallet.

If you find out that your assets have been stolen, you need to be calm. Because imToken is a self-custodial wallet, it can't freeze stolen funds. If your imToken wallet has any tokens left in it, transfer them to a secure wallet or exchange account. Make sure to transfer them to a secure address as soon as possible.