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ImToken 2 0: A New Hardware Wallet

Using the "ImToken 2.0: A New Hardware Wallet", users can manage multiple wallets and tokens under one identity. The new wallet offers biometric verification and instant token exchange. The wallet supports EOS, BTC and COSMOS tokens.

ImToken Wallet has recently released an update for iOS and Android devices. This update includes new features such as a DApp browser, improved search, favorites section, and gas-free trading. Additionally, users can purchase tokens through a new decentralized exchange called Tokenlon. This exchange is partially owned by Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings. The updated version of Tokenlon DEX also includes a variety of new features, including gas-free trading,Imtoken wallet participate in APP , best price trading, and more.

Users can also check their balances, make purchases, and send money with the imKey hardware wallet. This wallet is compatible with several mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Mac. It is encrypted and pin-protected. It can be managed offline. The wallet also includes a mnemonic seed phrase. This phrase can be used to recover a lost wallet or to restore a lost account.

Users can also import their own private keys with imToken. This wallet is compatible with ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. It supports both hardware and software wallets, and its interface is easy to use.

The imToken wallet is also very secure. It uses a TRNG based security chip to protect the private key. It also includes a USB interface for data communication. The interface is located at the bottom right of the wallet. If you want to use imToken on a different device, you can use the Bluetooth interface. In addition to being secure, the imKey wallet has a number of features that make it easy to manage your private key.

Another advantage of the imToken wallet is its ability to provide users with offline signature security. The initial pin code is the first line of defense. This means that it is important for users to ensure that they do not share their pin code with others. If you forget your pin code, you can reset it by supplying the correct answer five times.

imToken has built a reputation for being a secure wallet. The company has also made partnerships with a number of companies, including Zcash, Coinbase, and 0x. The company also has a social media account. imToken has also completed a Series A funding round. The company is also backed by investment firm IDG Capital. This funding round raised $10 million. In addition, the company has recently established its global headquarters in Singapore.

imToken also includes a DApp browser, a built-in exchange, and other features. The wallet can handle a variety of coins and tokens, including BTC, COSMOS, EOS, and ERC-20 tokens. It can also be used as a cold wallet, meaning that the private keys for those coins and tokens can be stored securely. The wallet is also self-custodial. When a transaction is completed, the wallet generates a new public address for each transaction. This makes it very difficult to trace the transaction.